Innovative Teaching Grant

In 1996 Puyallup Valley Branch of AAUW began offering Innovative Teaching Grants to teachers in grades kindergarten through twelve in our four area school districts.  We continue to offer grants and have added the local Native American School to our program to help promote diversity.  The Grants are intended to extend classroom enrichment and instruction, provide opportunities that are not available with regular district funds and will benefit a maximum number of students.  Proposals are also evaluated on equity issues and assisting girls in developing increased interest and skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.    Grants are awarded each fall to maximize learning for the current year.  Our award recipient presents and explains his/her project at the April Branch meeting.

Since 1996, we have given nearly $14,000 in Grants to a total of 42 teachers.  If each teacher ONLY impacted 30 students, that would add up to 12,550 students who have benefited from the Grants—but many of the items purchased with the Grant are used in multiple classrooms, remain in use today and continue to improve the quality of education for an uncounted number of students in the local school districts

2013 Innovative Teaching Grant

2013 ITG (800x600)

Sumner Curriculum Coordinator – Loren Williams, Florence Vining -Puyallup Valley Branch ITG Committee, Krystal Stephens – Sumner 7th Grade Life Science Teacher

The 2013 Innovative Teaching Grant has been awarded to the Sumner School District to be used to purchase three digital microscopes for the seventh grade life sciences classrooms in the district’s three middle schools. The microscopes will be used to introduce all seventh grade students to the use of the digital microscopes during units on cells, molds and yeasts. Because the microscope image can be projected, it will allow all 600 science students to view the specimens, thus allowing more access to the microscope images than with a conventional microscope.