Branch History and Officers

The Puyallup Valley, WA branch of AAUW received its official charter in May 1979 with 86 charter members.

When our branch began, we had the largest number of charter members in Washington State history.


The Branch was originally formed in 1974, primarily as a book group satellite of the Tacoma Branch until 1979 when a plan was instigated to become our own branch.  Many of the original charter members continue to be active in the Branch. During the early years, members established the course we would follow. We worked to advance women’s causes and the quality life in the local community as well as our concern and support for education at all levels.

The activities we share with each other continue to enhance our lives. Our special interest groups have varied widely, from theater, antiques, and empowering women, to technology, peace and women in transition. Our book club, bridge club and any group devoted to eating seem to have lasted the longest. Yet they have all fostered a camaraderie and friendship among us, which will continue to insure that we stay devoted to our common goals.

Branch Officers July 2022-June 2023

Co-Presidents: Virginia King and Jenny Holmstrom

Vice President of Fundraising: Bev Strodtz

Membership: MJ Garlick and Sherry Asher

Programs: Jo Ingram and Barbara Walker

Finance: Sue Pasquale

Secretary: Florence Vining